“Our Talent Indicator, created with Cubiks, has enabled us to identify more than 90 young talents within the first two years.”

Carrefour wanted to be proactive in detecting talent for future store management positions. The company’s goal was to identify individuals that have the ability to progress 2 levels in its management scale in under 5 years. Willing to lower the average age of its store managers, Carrefour was keen to focus this programme on assessing the potential of department managers with less than 2 years of experience in their roles.

Over 400,000 staff

Over 400,000 staff

110,000 employees in France

Long-term partner

Long-term partner

Cubiks has worked with Carrefour for over 10 years

Talent spotting

Talent spotting

Carrefour asked Cubiks to enhance its process for detecting talent


In order to robustly detect talent, it is important to assess a combination of performance and potential. Like many employers, Carrefour already had a comprehensive system in place for assessing performance; the challenge was to combine this with evaluating potential. Cubiks tailored its Talent Indicator tool for Carrefour, providing a questionnaire to objectively assess the potential of managers. Talent Indicator perfectly complemented the company’s existing career management and performance review process.


Talent Indicator collects multiple colleague reviews on the participant, as well as their own self-review, and collates the responses for a comprehensive perspective. An overall Talent Indicator score is then generated for the individual, which is compared to a benchmark to determine whether they will be considered a ‘talent’. Once the assessment is completed, the reviewee and their line manager meet to discuss the results and define an action plan.

Reports targeted for development:

  • Reports detail a reviewee’s score and provide personalised tips for their development
  • Cubiks created tailored reports; including individual reports with development tips for the lowest scoring Talent Indicator dimensions and group reports for use by HR
  • Cubiks designed a training programme for Carrefour’s HR team to enable them to internally train managers in how to interpret Talent Indicator reports and improve their feedback skills.


Talent Indicator is now fully integrated in Carrefour Hypermarket France’s talent management and development processes.

The high potentials identified have since taken part in tailored training programmes that focus on developing their lowest scoring Talent Indicator dimensions. The reports from Talent Indicator have helped create individual development plans for these employees and their progress is monitored closely by their regional HR managers.