Competency Management

Laying the foundations for assessment and development

What competencies are needed to drive your organisation forward? If you don’t know the answer, how can you expect to select suitable candidates, identify potential, or develop your people? A business-wide competency framework will define the behaviours and working practices required for success. It will also form the basis for recruitment, development and career progression processes.

With Competency Management, you can:

Ensure the transparency and quality of your selection and development processes

Integrate your core competencies into tools and services to evaluate performance consistently

Recruit, identify, develop and promote individuals more effectively


Three competency strands

Used by thousands of HR professionals and line managers around the world, the Cubiks Competency Framework is based on extensive research and contains 53 competencies arranged into five core clusters: Thinking; Relating; Leading; Self-managing; Achieving.

The Cubiks Leadership Model enables employers to apply a consistent approach to assessing and developing leadership competencies, with a clear description of the tasks and responsibilities of leaders at four organisational levels.

The online Cubiks Competency Profiler questionnaire will help you to understand which competencies you need to look for. Invite internal job experts to rate the importance of competencies for a certain role or function, then compile the results to see where the consensus lies.

In Brief

Fully customisable list of tools and services to assist with competency management

Scientifically grounded tools, designed by experts

Develop an integrated approach to get the most from your HR activities

Definitive competency framework developed through extensive research

Local knowledge and culturally sensitive support, worldwide